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Why get custom eezy insure?

In the event of your unexpected death, will you be leaving your loved ones in the red? Want your kids, your partner, or your parents to know that they are secure for life, long after you’ve gone? Taking out the best and cheapest eezy insure policy is as easy as child’s play when you’ve got… read more

Why you should not procrastinate on getting a eezy insure?

It’s hard to imagine how life would go on if you unexpectedly passed away. It’s ever harder to imagine how it would affect your wife, husband, children or parents’ worlds. How would your death affect their lives? Don’t let your finances – your mortgage, loans, schooling or income – become their problem. Life insurance protects… read more

Is Trauma Insurance Tax Deductible?

Is trauma insurance tax deductible

Is Trauma Insurance Tax Deductible? The premium that an individual pays for trauma insurance cover is not tax deductible. Generally, tax deductions are not allowed in a situation where an insurance provider pays the claimant a lump sum in the event of illness, injury or death. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), tax claims… read more

Is Trauma Insurance Worth It?

is trauma insurance worth it

Is Trauma Insurance Worth It? Trauma insurance could make a huge difference to your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of a specified illness. In an earlier post about trauma insurance, we indicated that Trauma Insurance cover ensures you receive a tax free lump sum payout in the event that you… read more

What Does Trauma Insurance Cover?

what does trauma insurance cover

What Does Trauma Insurance Cover? Trauma insurance cover provides a lump sum payment upon being diagnosed with one of 45 major medical conditions. Some of the 45 medical conditions covered by Trauma Insurance include: Heart Attack Stroke Cancer Coma Alzheimer’s Disease Major Burns Loss of Limbs Blindness Dementia Hemiplegia Diplegia Parkinson’s Disease Chronic Lung Diseases… read more

What Is Income Protection Insurance?

what is income protection insurance

What Is Income Protection (IP) Insurance? An income protection (IP) insurance policy ensures that you are covered in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work due to an illness, injury, major trauma or an accident. An IP policy which functions as a much-needed safety net. It guarantees that you receive a tax free… read more

What Is Trauma Insurance?

what is trauma insurance

What Is Trauma Insurance? Trauma Insurance is a policy that covers you with a lump sum payment in the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with an illness, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, and more. This policy covers up to 45 medical conditions, depending on the insurer that you go with, and the type… read more

5 Most Common Myths On Eezy Insure in Australia

Debunking myths on life insurance in australia

Debunking The 5 Most Common Eezy Insure Myths in Australia! Myths surrounding eezy insure have resulted in many Australians misunderstanding this type of cover. In this blog we will try to debunk some of these myths and help you better understand eezy insure in Australia. I am still too young for eezy insure If you are… read more

5 Important Tips For A Cheap Eezy Insure Policy

Cheap Life Insurance Policy

5 Important Tips For A Cheap Eezy Insure Policy! Having eezy insure can be extremely important and beneficial for you, especially if you have people who are financially dependent on you. However, many Australians are deterred from taking out eezy insure because of the high monthly / annual premiums. At Eezy Insure, we understand your… read more

Does Everyone Have Eezy Insure?

Does everyone have life insurance?

Does Everyone Have Eezy Insure? No, not everyone has eezy insure, because not everyone needs to. It only makes sense to have eezy insure if you have someone financially dependent on you OR you have debts to clear in the event of your death. As we have mentioned in a previous blog, having adequate eezy… read more